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In Store Locksmith Service

Looking for residential or commercial locksmith services for rekeying, new locksets and key copying/duplication? Our in-store locksmiths provide fast and reliable service. We offer a full range of in store commercial and residential locksmith services. Recently purchased a home or business? Don’t change all the locks if you don’t have to. We provide cost effective rekeying services for residences and businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s a small business, a large corporation or an entire apartment complex, our locksmith services should be at the top of your list. Our professionals will assist you with all of your home, commercial, investment property locksmith needs.

Why Choose Our Locksmith services?

We’re a family owned business with decades of experience, proudly serving Fairfield and New Haven Counties since 1933. We strive to stay competitive, while at the same time still providing our customers with the best products, most complete selection and stellar customer service through our friendly, knowledgeable staff. In other words, we never cut corners when it comes to the satisfaction of our customers. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll be working with experienced professionals.

Barnum Hardware locksmith services include but aren’t limited to:

We offer key copying/duplication services for all types of keys and everything is carried out in house by our experts. We’re equipped with precise, superior quality key cutting machines that will provide accurate copies/duplicates every time. We also carry an extensive key blank inventory.

Rekeying Services
Rekeying a lock is changing the internal processes of a door lock so that the old key cut will no longer open the lock, resetting the lock so that it will function with a different key cut. In other words, the knobs, hardware and/or deadbolts aren’t replaced – just the internal components that accept the key. Rekeying locks is a cost effective way to ensure your home, commercial or investment/rental property is secured. There are numerous situations in which a rekey is needed, such as situations that include, stolen, lost or unreturned keys, leased property tenant turnover and more, providing peace of mind for home and commercial property owners by ensuring that no one else has as a key. Rekeying also makes it possible to keep all your locks on the same key. Basically, if it locks we can help you with it!

For fast, reliable and affordable in store locksmith services, stop by or call us today at (203) 334-8316. From simple re-keys to high-security master key systems, we can do it all.